How It Works



Royalty Purchase Offer


We send offer letters out regularly and often times there are questions that arise about how to receive an official royalty purchase offer.  Please fill out the form to the right and make sure to include your physical address and oil and gas unit name to receive a formal offer for your royalty interest today.


Verifying Mineral Ownership


We have a team of qualified title analysts that work diligently in determining mineral ownership.  This process is included at NO additional cost to the royalty owner.




The paperwork to complete this transaction is quick and simple.  We will prepare a deed that just needs to be signed by the property owner(s) and notarized.  Our royalty specialists are notaries for the states in which they work and will be available to notarize your deed at a time and location of your preference.    Once that process is complete you will receive a company check on the spot.  Often this can all be accomplished in just a few days.


Alternatively, we can prepare and mail the deed for you to execute in the presence of a notary and return to our office.  We will then mail a check.